The Journey Of Newcastle Falcons Continues

Tom Penny continues to be a supporter of Newcastle. He is representing his hometown team which is a surreal experience for him. The rugby challenge has seen him participating with a zest of energy. As a start in his senior days he had scored two tries which came against Bucharest. He came back with a strong motivation. During his school days as well he used to be a supporter of the Falcons.

Being professionally inclined towards the team is a dream come true for him. Even when he was not in the team he used to support the team mates and talk to them. The journey has been of a roller coaster ride but what he admires is that his team is gaining momentum and doing well. He is excited about the future. He has combined with National One rugby Blaydon to show his commitment. He wants to move ahead and up the ladder of National One rugby.

He is just waiting for the right opportunity to strike so that he can make the most of it with his performance and determination. According to him, the greatest platform which he achieved was at Blaydon. To hold the win and maximise upon it is a great factor for any player. The team mates hang out together as a bunch and strive to do well for the team. They express their level best when it comes to Europe.

However he does admit that with fresh talent coming up he does feel a sense of vitality but experience also counts and they are going to set the benchmark for the younger generation to follow. To get the license to play for the young boys is a special feeling altogether. They want to do well every time when they are in a game.