Eddie Jones Prepares His Team

The England national rugby team is ahead of the meeting in the 1st test of the series of autumn on 12th November at Twickenham. Eddie Jones, the head coach is preparing his team for a grand encounter with none other than the Springboks as England has not made very good records with them over the last few years.

The coach said that they have not defeated them and hence it is a big task for his team. The intentions of Jones are quite clear. He wants his team of 23 players to work harder. He began the fitness regime in the month of January as he stated that there was a requirement to increase the percentage of fitness levels by upto 20 percent.

The coach believes that he and his team need to get fitter in order to be the best, so that when fans pay hard-earned money for tickets on sites such as http://www.liverugbytickets.co.uk, they are rewarded with a performance that matches their expectations.

The best thing about them is that they haven’t even started on it. The team and the coach are striving towards improvement which would be very exciting to build on it, with his mission being to focus on each player so as to ensure that they play well.

England achieved its Grand Slam for the first time in 13 years with the help of Jones. He takes the pride, but at the same time motivates his team to aim for a Six Nations Championship award. The coach has been impressed with the quality of the set up of England as the clubs are very professional. The quantity and method of coaching is excellent in addition to the facilities as per Jones.

Now, he is all set to see his team performing at its best. With 12 clubs taking part this year, it is uncertain as to which club would be at the top. Now the wait is to see how the England team is prepared with the help of Jones to perform at its best.