Falcons Embrace the New Changes

Newcastle Falcons’ head coach has commented saying that his team s ready to play by the new rules that are going to be implemented in the game. The International Rugby Board has put on trial nine new laws for the new season.

Out of these nine laws, six will be very crucial for Newcastle Falcons and will be affecting its performance on the field.

One of the most important laws that have been introduced is to avoid the human centipede which was a very unwelcome feature in the previous season. For this, the new states that the teams will have only five seconds to move the rugby ball away from the ruck’s base after the referee has said “use it”.

Russell, head coach of Newcastle, said that closing out games like that is a thing of the past and that as long as his team is not down to thirteen men then he has no problem. He said that they have been practicing the new changes in the training. They also got Dave Pearson who is from the referees so that they could speak with the players to make them understand the new rules and changes. He said the Pearson officiated a session in their practice and told the players what exactly the referees will be looking for to clamp down in the game.

Other changes in the game include giving the players only ninety seconds to kick the conversion when a try is scored, tweaks as to when and where a quick throw in can be taken, reducing the scrum arrangement sequence and also giving the players the option to take another line out if they are awarded a penalty or free kick in a line-out situation.
What remains to be seen is what impact the new rules and laws have on the game and whether it is for the better or for the worse. Newcastle Falcons seem not too disturbed by the new changes.