Falcons thump Newport

Rugby Football Union Championship side the Newcastle Falcons galloped their way into the quarter final stages of the British and Irish Cup after recording a 15 try washout of the part timers from Wales, Newport.

At some points in the match, it felt that it wasn’t a match taking place but a playground bullying in front of everyone’s eyes, however, in spite of the clear disparity in class and athleticism, it has to be remembered that this was the same side that had won the second half of their match against The Falcons just eight days back.

It seemed that a week of honest talking seemed to have done the trick as Director of Rugby Dean Richards looked on as his undefeated league leaders in the RFU Championship crossed the threshold of the four try bonus point just after nineteen minutes on the clock. The Newcastle Falcons display was, by all means, copybook as the group of players demonstrated sound attacking line selections, disciplined defending and dominated every single facet of a rugby match that is there to be dominated.

Granted that the gulf in class between the two sides was too wide to make any case whether The Falcons would make a case for an immediate return to the Aviva Premiership, however, the manner in which the team dispatched their opposition of limited means was extremely heartening after they had made a couple of lukewarm displays in the last few weeks.

Newport just did not have the power or the force to counter the guile in attack displayed by the Newcastle Falcons and they also lacked the penetrating skills to break through the stubborn and disciplined defense of the Dean Richards led charges as the boss looked extremely satisfied with the display put up by the favorites for the RFU Championship.