Leicester Tigers celebrations coming up in a while

Leicester Tigers has been one of the most successful clubs in the Rugby circuit of Great Britain. The club was set up in 1880; however they tasted success lately since the introduction of the premiership in 1987. The Tigers have created a major impact by appearing in nine consecutive finals and winning four out of them, taking their tally of trophies to 10 which are more than any other club in the circuit. They have been the home to a number of stalwarts in the game including the likes of Agulla, Pat Howard, Richard Cockerill, Martin Johnson, Nick Young, Eric Miller, Ken Jones, Brian Smith – to name a very few. The amount of success that Leicester has achieved in Europe is more than any other club in England as they have qualified to play each and every Heineken Cup till date winning two out of them in 2001 and 2002.
The club is widely known for its success in various formats of the game and the huge support they have continued to enjoy as their fans flock to watch their favorite stars in action. The club itself is the home of champions and they always celebrate in style. This is quite visible if one visits the club as a guest. The ambience and styling of each and every suite is well suited to the spirit of the champions. The place is used for a number of product launches and exhibitions. However, it really comes to life during the Christmas celebrations whereby a large number of former and present players from the club reunite and relive their memories. The bond that the Tigers share in Leicester is unparalleled and their fans never forget to give a warm reception to their heroes. The club is looking forward to the 134th year celebration in 2014 which is surely going to be a gala affair.