Newcastle Falcons Get Evan Olmstead

The Newcastle rugby team gets a new player from London Scottish team.

Evan Olmstead joins up Newcastle Falcons and it is hoped that he will bring in new competitive spirit among the players. He will be playing for the Falcons in the coming season.

Evan Olmstead comes from a Canadian background. His rearing has been in Australia and he plays as a forward in the second row. However, internationally he is recognized to play for his home country, Canada. He is known to tower over most players being at a height of 6 ft 5 inches. He has capped seven times for his home county. He also took part in the World Cup last year.

As far as his rugby career goes, he played for Parramatta Two Blues as well as for Canadian club and Sydney clubs. He had been with the Prairie wolf pack and played for the team in Calgary. Hence, as he moves to play with the Falcons at the age of twenty five, he is familiar with the styles of the English club games. He moves from London Scottish which has been a champion in Greene King IPA. He played about six games for London Scottish this year itself.

When Olmstead was asked about the move and what he thought of it, he stated that he was looking forward to join and play with the Falcons in the pre season. He would get a chance to play with some top players in the rugby world. He hopes to work hard and contribute to the team. It would definitely help him get coaching from experienced staff and help him take his gaming skills to the next level. Hence, both the team members as well as Evan are looking forward to starting off with a strengthened team in the coming months.